We wanna keep it simple, and as long as the members don't make things difficult, we won't


1. Don't be a douche.

2. Keep it Legal.

All decisions by admin are final



New members who just join start out in the Newbie member level. New members cannot view or post images, nor can they view or post videos. To advance to next level, members must earn 50 points by posting to timeline, forum, blogs, etc.


Members reach the Bronze membership once they reach 50 points, this opens up the picture and video galleries for viewing and posting..This will be limited to 5 image or video posts in a 24 hour period.


Members reach the Silver Membership once they reach 200 points. This will open up a higher limit of image and video posts per day. Limit raised to 10 of each per 24 hour period.


Members reach the Gold Membership once they reach 300 points. Their image and video post limit is raised to 25 per 24 hour period.


Members reach the Platinum Membership once they reach 400 points. All image and video posting limits are lifted.

If you have any questions feel free to send a private message to any admin